Saturday, October 11, 2014

Simple Steps on How to Take Good Portraits Explained

Do you have question about how to take good portraits? You will get the answer soon after you finish read this article. There are some portrait photography tips and tricks that you can study. However, some photographers, especially beginners find them hard to practice.

Actually, you don’t need to master of using certain photo software to create beautiful and stunning photos. The only thing that you have to do is to know how to make good portraits photos. Find them out and practice.

First Step: Set Your Camera Up Properly


It is important to know that camera might play 50% or even more role to have desired photos. However, it is impossible to be reached when you have no idea about the idea how to take good portraits.
You have to set your camera properly. You have to make sure that you camera is set with a slow ISO speed. Turn to lower number. For warmer color, you need to use shade white balance.  Elaboration about this topic can be obtained here.

Second Step: Don’t Shoot the Subject in Harsh Sunlight


When you put the subject located in harsh sunlight, the subject will not be seen clearly. This step has to be put as the most important way on how to take good portraits. Putting the subject in which the harsh light coming from behind will make you very hard to get consistent exposure.
Meanwhile, when the light is coming from the other angles, the harsh shadow will be casted on the face such as horrid raccoon eye effect from direct overhead light.


Third Step: Make a More Comfortable Situation


Comfortable situation will make you easy to have good photos. If the subject is a human, you have to make him or her comfortable. Try to make him or her smile, happy and more relaxed when you are going to capture him or her. It can be done by giving the subject something to play with.
For instance, you can capture the subject holding the flowers and with other people. In this case, you should be able to make your subject as relax as possible. Ask him or her not to be stiff and numb since it will reduce good value of the portraits. It is the core of the ways how to take good portraits.


Fourth Step: Frame your Shot


You might have heard about the portrait lens. In fact, it is only the myth. Forget about it and try to frame your shot. You can shoot the body of the subject or the environment. In this case, your subject will be framed appropriately.
Actually, it is a matter of an artistic judgment. You can try to frame the whole body in which the subject will be primary subject. Meanwhile, when you try to capture the environment, you might need a wider angle lens.

Overall, these are simple steps take good portraits. For more detail information about how to have stunning portraits, you can learn how to use photo effects software and bring your imagination into reality. You will find more complete tips on how to take good portraits.

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